A Python wrapper for exposing Linked Open Data from public SPARQL endpoints


What is it?

PyLOD is a minimal Python module for exposing Linked Open Data from public SPARQL-served endpoints. It acts as an abstraction layer for the retrieval of structured data, such as classes, properties and individuals, without requiring any knowledge of SPARQL.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in retrieving data from LOD or SPARQL endpoints in general. PyLOD is meant to help those who are not familiar with SPARQL (researchers, data analysts, programmers, students), but also facilitate seasoned developers by providing a set of common, non-trivial functions.


  • From PyPi
  • Manually
pip install PyLOD
1. Install SPARQLWrapper
2. Copy to your project's directory.

Read the docs for usage instructions and the full list of provided functions.


Need more?

PyLOD is a great starting point for your amazing projects with semantics, ontologies and Linked Data. It is, however, only a basic building tool. Do you need more? For extended functionalities, custom code and more complex queries you can contact us through here. Also, don't forget to check out SPARQL Burger, our other Python package for generating SPARQL queries!